Marketing to Generation Z 

Currently, I am a Receipt Member at JUV Consulting. As a Receipt Member, my primary responsibilities include taking surveys and filling out polls to help brands get a better understanding of Gen Z. From helping decide on future campaigns to offering insight on the latest trends and influencers, I, along with hundreds of Gen Zers help brands engage with this generation more effectively. I'm also a part of The Conversationalist, a global Gen Z community that focuses on having conversations that matter (from current events to politics to pop culture and so much more). 


As a Gen Zer myself, I have always been fascinated and proud of my generation. Despite some negative stereotypes, we are a strong group of individuals. We are activists. We are tech-geniuses. We promote love and acceptance. 


Marketing to Gen Zers is fairly new, which is why in addition to my JUV Consulting and The Conversationalist contributions, I want to explore for myself how brands can better connect to this cohort. From our music taste to love of podcasts and beyond, I will be researching how our skills and interests can reflect the way we think, which may help brands better understand and communicate with this demographic.

Image: Gen Z Changemakers, by Nylon.com